Carto Stripper

Manufacturer & Exporter of Carto Stripper & Carto - Stripper. Our product range also comprises of Carton Folder Gluers Machinery, Window Patching Machine and Varnish Coatings. .

Our ability of manufacturing and exporting an optimum quality range of Carto - Stripper has helped us to come up as a leading name in the industry.

Specification of Carto - Stripper:

  • Board Range: 200 gsm to 500 gsm.
  • Minimum waste strip depth: 10 mm for duplex & 20 mm for corrugation.
  • 6.3 bar air pressure (90 psi) required & air consumption of 9 cfm.
  • Maximum recommended length of waste: Strip 40 cm smaller the length, easier to remove.
  • The stack should be evenly arranged against a guide.

Salient Features:

  • Easy to use, hand held unit.
  • Safe two handed operation.
  • Pneumatic operated device.
  • Damage free blanks (Cartons).
  • Most economical.
  • Faster in comparison of manual removal & waste.
  • Minimize man power.
  • Fast recovery of investment.
  • Compact, comfortable to use.
  • Can handle duplex board as well as "E" flute sheets.
  • Can handle laminated sheets.
  • 75% time saving against manual stripping.
  • Helps in production balancing (reduces bottleneck between die cutting and pesting level).

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