Carton Folder Gluers

We offer our clients the all types of Carton Folder Gluers Machinery which are been procured from reputed brands and we supply as per client's requirement. We can supply the machines of any specification and capacity as per the client's need. Our range of conventional industrial machines consists of:


Mini Carton Folding & Pasting Machine
Straight Line Folder Gluer
Crash Lock Bottom Carton Folding Gluing
Cache-Cover Folding Gluing Machine
Carton Folding Gluing Machine  


Mini Carton Folding & Pasting Machine - VIJAYA MFG

Vijaya MGF carton folder gluer for straight line cartons with quick make ready and large production.

Salient Features:

  • Short change over & setting time
  • large productivity
  • less floor space
  • Variable speed 0 to 200 mtr / min.
  • 3 Hp ac drive

Min Width
(Open Blank)

Max width
(Open Blank)

Power Required
Dimension Max. Speed

60 mm

350 mm

3.0 HP

0.85x5.0 mtrs

250 mtr/min
VIJAYA-MFG 45 60 mm 450 mm 3.0 HP 1.15x5.0 mtrs 250 mtr/min
VIJAYA-MFG 65 75 mm 650 mm 5.0 HP 1.4 x5.3 mtrs 250 mtr/min
VIJAYA-MFG 80* 100 mm 800 mm 5.0 HP 1.6x5.5 mtrs 250 mtr/min

*For corrugation carton

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Straight Line Folder Gluer - VIJAYA-35/45/65

We are leading manufacturer of Straight Line Carton Folder Gluer with pre-folding. This high speed automatic carton folding and pasting machine folds the first crease 180 degrees & third crease up to 130 degrees which helps the carton to open easily in the filling process of a carton.

Salient features

Optional features

Special purpose machine

  • Variable speed 0-200 mtr/ min

  • Easy to operate

  • AC frequency drive panel

  • Less change over time

  • Pre folding

  • Feeder elector-magnetic clutch

  • Crash lock bottom system

  • Totalize & batch counter

  • Electronic nozzle gluing system

  • Four corner folding & gluing

  • Small sleeve pasting machines like match box, sharpener etc.

  • Corrugated cartons – folding & gluing


Min width
(Open Blank)

Max width
(Open Blank)

Power required


Max. Speed


60 mm

350 mm


0.85x7.0 mtrs

250  mtr/min


75 mm

450 mm


1.15x7.0 mtrs

250  mtr/min


120 mm

650 mm


1.2x7.0 mtrs

250  mtr/min

#These model are suitable for crash lock bottom attachment

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Crash Lock Bottom Carton Folding Gluing Machine - VIJAYA-VEENINE

Veenine - A Perfect Carton Folder Gluer For Crash Lock Bottom Cartons.


Designed For Smooth Feeding Of Carton At High Speed.
To Minimize Wastage And Easy Make Ready The Feeder Can Be Stopped While Entire Machine Remains In Operation.


Independent Pre-folding:

For Smooth Opening Of The Carton At The Time Of Filling On Automatic Machine. The First And Third Crease Can Be Pre Folded At 180o And 135o Respectively, The Unit Is Designed To Prevent Scratches On The Carton.


Dedicated Lock Bottom Unit :

For Folding Of All Lock Flaps. This Unit Is Designed In 3 Track System , So That The Cartons Remains Under Pressure Of A Track At The Time Of Folding Of Lock Flap, This Prevents Shifting Of Alignment Of Cartons, Saves Wastages And Increases Speed.


Electronic Gluing System:

Three Nozzle Electronic Gluing System , For Gluing Crash Lock Flaps And Side Gum Flap It Comprises Of Controller, Sensors, Nozzles, Encoder, Pressure Glue Tank.
Gluing Can Be Done In Line Or In Dots Mode. The Thickness Of Glue Lines Or Dots Can Be Increased Or Decreased.


Final Folding Unit:

High Precision Designs Of The Unit Help In Accurate Folding Of Second And Forth Crease After Gluing.
The Speed Variator Drive In Final Folding Unit Helps In Adjusting The Speed As Per The Requirement Of Carton Dimension To Prevent Wastage And Misregistration Of Carton At High Speed.


Delivery Unit:

The Independent Geared Motor Helps In Increasing Or Decreasing The Speed Of Unit. So That Different Size Of Cartons Comes Between The Pressure Belts Smoothly.



Straight Line Cartons Lock Bottom Cartons

Veenine 50 Veenine 80
Veenine 50 Veenine 80


Minimum 70 mm 75 mm Minimum 125 mm 135 mm
Maximum 500 mm 800 mm Maximum 500 mm 800 mm


Minimum 60 mm 70 mm Minimum 70 mm 80 mm
Maximum 450 mm 700 mm Maximum 400 mm 700 mm

Cache-Cover Folding Gluing Machine - VIJAYA-CC

"VIJAYA" Cache-Cover Folding Gluing Machine is specially designed to produce cache covers. These cache cover are mainly used for packing by Pharmaceutical companies to pack for a particular dose of medicine or for physician samples. The machine application also includes manufacturing of CD/DVD covers made of paper/board ranging from 140 gsm to 350 gsm. Vijaya cache cover folding pasting machine is most suitable to produce cover for packing of individual CD/DVD. Vijaya cache cover folding gluing machine produce most effectively the covers for plastic card such as credit card, sim card or recharge coupons

Technical Details:

  • Two side flap folding gluing, cross folding, pressure delivery 1 HP motor & drive.

Carton Folding Gluing Machine

We are a reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Carton Folding Gluing Machine.