Window Patching Machines

Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of products which include Window Patching Machine such as Automatic Carton Window Patching Machine, Liner Carton Machines and Bag In Box Machine.


We are providing Automatic Carton Window Patching Machine. Window patching and lining machine with disc feeder 680×680 mm, with adjustable conveyor-chain station, with continuous running single cylinder top-gluing unit, which can be withdraw from the machine for cleaning with stereo cylinder and glue-impression roller with windowing and lining material station. Cut off length can be changed by means of change gears with delivery station with variable speed shunt wound 3-phase AC motor incl. brake device for the main drive as well as complete electrical equipment for 380v, 50 cycles AC, with electrical push-button controls, with pressure and vacuum pump incl. motor, with tachometer with all necessary safety devices against incorrect operations.

  • Station consisting of: 1 adjustable feeding table, 2 feed wheels
  • Gluing Station, 1 single cylinder top-gluing unit incl. motor, 1 doctor blade, 1 stereo cylinder, 1 glue impression roller
  • Windowing and Lining Material Station, 1 unwind unit, 3 draw-in rollers, 1 rotary cross cutter with stationary counter knife, air-controlled suction cylinder for windowing and lining material, heating station with sync encoders, 1 pressure roller, Complete set of change gears.
  • Delivery Station, 1 belt transport device, 1 delivery table with transport belt, 1 set of machine tools
Machine Specification :
Stream: Min. blank size: 100×80 mm, Max. blank size: 680×680 mm
Min. size of windowing material: 42×30 mm
Foil thickness: 0.03 – 0,1 mm
Min. size of lining material: 42×30 mm
Max. size of lining material: 480×540 mm
Max. outside reel dia of lining material: 450 mm
Inside reel dia for both materials: 50 – 80 mm
Running speed:
Blanks over 300 mm length: 150 p/min
Blanks below 300 mm length: 300 p/min
Total power requirements of motors: 3 kw
Dimensions and weight of the machine:
Length: 4200 mm
Width:  1300 mm
Height: 2750 mm

The machine speed indicated in our technical specifications has to be understood as a maximum quantity. The output depends on shape, weight and quality of the material which has to be worked up. Under good working conditions it may be possible to run even lighter.


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